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> Hi to All,
>         I have had the following problem twice this year with my
container grown
> Clematis (which is in it's first year) on my balconey. One morning I
> suddenly noticed that all of the top shoots had wilted and were dying
> off. I put it down to frost as it was early in the season. Before that
> it had been growing at an incredible rate. It went on to flower and seem
> ed to be getting bigger  when suddenly last week it happened again. The
> affected leaves wilt and turn brown and the stems shrivel and die off.
> Any ideas ????? replies via E-mail please...Mark

To me it sounds like «Clematis wilt». It looks as if the plant suffer from
lack of water, and slowly die. Normally it is caused by slugs. Take away
the damaged parts, and put some slug pellets on the ground (in your
container). This helped for me, when I had similar problems with my

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