help - pothos growing me out of house and home

Frances Tong ftong at binky.ICS.UCI.EDU
Tue Jul 16 12:59:08 EST 1996


I have a pothos houseplant growing out of a pot in my house.  It has
sent out 4 tendrils (stems), 2 of them are 30 feet plus in length, the
other two are longer than 20 feet.  I recently repotted the plant in a
bigger pot and it has just taken off.  New tendrils are starting and
leaves are popping out everywhere.  The established tendrils are
averaging growth slightly less than a foot per month.

It's getting harder to move the plant each time I change residences.
Before, the plant sat on the floor or table and I put nails going
across a wall to hold up the tendrils.  To move, I put the pot in the
corner of a big box then put all of the tendrils in.  When I got to
the new place, I'd carefully untangle each tendril, put nails into the
wall, and hang the plant.

Now the plant is getting too big to do that.  Do you have any ideas?
I'd like an idea that's simple to implement with things one would
typically find at a hardware store or gardening section.  I've thought
of a trellis that I could move as a unit if I change residences again.
Any thoughts on that?  Other ideas?

I welcome all suggestions.  If you reply to the bboard, please cc me
as well.  Thanks!

Frances  <ftong at>

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