Info on bamboo plants

Nathalie Smits smits at
Fri Jul 26 04:07:09 EST 1996

Hi there,

I'm not a bamboo specialist myself, but I live near Montpellier, south 
of France, and there is a fantastic Bamboo park not far from here. It's 
a very touristic place, and they sell bamboo, books, ... They also have 
a catalog for mail ordering.
Unfortunately, I don't think they're on the web, and I'm not aware of 
an e-mail adress. But I'm sure they would send any information they 
have to bamboo lovers. 
Since they have lots of tourists, I'm pretty sure they can answer 
questions in english... Here are their address and phone/fax :
Bambouseraie Prafrance
30140 Generargues
phone : (+33)
   [beginning Oct. 10, 1996 : (+33)]
fax : (+33)
   [beginning Oct. 10, 1996 : (+33)]

Good luck!

Nathalie Smits

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