Morel's vitamins (1948)....what's its composition? help!!

Mycos williams at
Wed Jul 31 22:24:17 EST 1996

moy at (York Moy) wrote:

>I have French language reference for Morel's Vitamins, however, the compo=
>sition is not defined.  Could someone please email me the composition of =
>this Vitamin.
>The french language ref. is :

>Morel, G. Recherches sur la culture associee de parasites obligatoires et=
> de tissus vegetaux. Ann. Epiphyt. (Paris) 14:123-134; 1948

>Please email responses to :

>moy at


>hanson at

>                          Thanks,

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>                        & Bill Hanson  
Move to NG  bionet.mycology and ask. Just a suggestion.

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