need help with chloroplast isolation

Roger Wallsgrove roger.wallsgrove at
Wed Jun 5 03:54:49 EST 1996

In article <4p1edh$3qa at>, Vadim <vbeilinson at> says:
>Dear Netters!
>Is anyone aware of a GOOD method for the isolation of the INTACT SOYBEAN 
>chloroplasts. The method I have works well for pea, but does not for soybean.
>I will appreciate any help. Thanks.
Have you thought about going via a protoplast isolation?  Mechanical
isolation of chloroplasts only works well with a few species, with
nice soft leaves.  In contrast, it's usually possible to isolate
protoplasts from just about any leaf (I've even done it with Vicia faba
leaves, which are stuffed with phenols!).
Once the protoplasts are prepared, simple mechanical shock will burst
them to release the organelles, and chloroplasts can be recovered easily.

Roger Wallsgrove

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