Help me about jar fermenter please..

P.O.Bo.151.Khon.Kaen.University at P.O.Bo.151.Khon.Kaen.University at
Thu Jun 13 06:22:51 EST 1996

I was assigned to do the siminar about jar fermenter
and plant tissue culture (Especially in Potato). 
Anyone can tell me about Jar fermenter please. 
I would like to know about how it work, adventages and so on. 
or tell me how to find information about it via internet or other. 
Thanx in advance. 
                                                Wattana Pattanagul
                                           b3631412 at
                                 or P.O.Box 151 Khon Kaen University
                                      Khon Kaen, Thailand, 40002.

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