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Helena Lorenzo (d_hlorenzo at wrote:
: i am working with rose plants about nitrogen metabolism.I would likwe to know soThe protocols and references that they can help me.
Thnak you very much.

Here are a few on nitrate assimilation:

Nason and Evans (1953) Triphhosphopyridine nucleotide nitrate reductase in
Neurospora crassa.  Journal of Biological Chemistry 202: 655-673.

Guerrero et al (1981): The assimilatory nitrate reducing system and its
regulation. Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol. 32:169-204.

Kinghorn and Campbell (1989) Amino acid sequence relationships between
bacterial, fungal and plant nitrate reductases.  In: Molecular and Genetic
Aspects of Nitrate Assimilation. Ed by JL Wray and JR Kinghorn, Oxford

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