MendelWeb 96.1

Roger B. Blumberg rog at
Fri Mar 1 08:18:44 EST 1996

March 1, 1996
A new edition of MendelWeb (96.1) is now available at Netspace
(, the University of Washington
at Seattle (,
and on the Scholarly Technology Group server at Brown University
( Additions include an html 
form for computing averages, a chapter on "Measurement" from 
THE SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE (by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack and Blumberg),
and a 1988 science studies article, by Diane B. Paul and Barbara A. 
Kimmelman, about the foundations of agricultural genetics and the 
reception of Mendel's paper (the article is titled: "Mendel in 
America: Theory and Practice, 1900-1919"). MendelWeb is a WWW teaching
and learning resource, built around and including Gregor Mendel's 
paper of 1865.

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