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Why are the photosynthetic elctron mediators Fd:NADPH oxidoreductase (FNR) and
the cytochrome b6-f complex (plastoquinol:plastocyanin oxidoreductase) class-
fied as enzymes, while plastocyanin (cyt f:P700 oxidoreductase) and ferredoxin
(Fa/Fb:FAD oxidoreductase) are not. 

I have posted this message to bionet.photosynthesis in a slightly longer ver-
sion, and received mixed responses: some  say Fd and Pc (and PSI and PSII)
are enzymes, others that Fd and Pc are too small to be enzymes, others that
proton (H+) transfer is an integral part of oxidoreductase activity.....

Any suggestions ? 

Thanks in advance:  Harry

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