A chance of a Lifetime in plant business

Pascal Meunier pmeunier at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Tue Mar 5 18:02:38 EST 1996

In article <4hfles$loi at mn5.swip.net>, per.oberg at mbox2.swipnet.se (Per
Oberg) wrote:

> We have a new product that makes cut plants &
> flowers to live for many years without water or nutrition. 

That is pretty hard to swallow.  
You freeze them in liquid nitrogen? :-)

This sounds a lot like a troll.  The request for money is suspicious.

> Insted of plastic/silk, or dryed, or real plants; now comes
> LONG-LIFE-PLANTS. After Levis, Coca-Cola, etc
> comes a new super-hit, this time in plant business.
> We look for local partners country or region wise.
> Only finacial strong parties may contact:
> POBE, Box 46, 146 21 Tullinge, Sweden.
> Fax: int+46-87787706. 
> Best Regards: Per Öberg

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