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Thu Mar 7 14:34:35 EST 1996

In <4hn80h$ft1 at>, Ian D Bedford <bedfordi at> writes:
>We have had an infestation of WFT within our glasshouse complex for about 
>3 years. WFT first came into the UK in the early 80's and was "out of 
>control" by 86. We have tried virtually all aspects of trying to control 
>this pest and have failed.  I counted an average of 80 individuals per 
>antirrhinum flower in one of our houses in 1994!.  
>What sort of IPM were you thinking of?
>All I can suggest is that you dispose of all the infested plants, 
>THOUROUGHLY clean your glasshouse then treat all new plants with 
>Malathion 60, before they reach flowering stage. Once Frankliniella get 
>into the flowers they are home and dry.
>Ian Bedford
>Research Entomologist...  Keep those eyes peeled for Bemisia tabaci!!!

Have you tried using nicofume (or other nicotine fumigant) as a control? You must
moniter the development of the thrips, and time the application to coincide with
the emergence of the adults, as nicotine, which is very effective on adults, is less 
so on the larval and egg stages. A few weeks of application should do the trick. 
We've certainly had our problems here in Dallas with the little beggars! But, using
nicotine, I was able to completely exterminate them.

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