nuclear cDNA or genomic DNA LIBRARIES from plants

Lorine S Horvath lhorvath at
Fri Mar 8 14:17:33 EST 1996

Shehrebanoo Malik (banoo) wrote:
: Hello, 

: I am a grad student whose project involves cloning a nuclear gene
: from the following plants, and am looking for donors of libraries
: for screening or for PCR templates since I am having difficulty in
: getting RT-PCR to work.  The plants of interest to me are:

: Psilotum nudum
: Marchantia polymorpha
: Equisetum
: Osmunda or Dryopteris
: Cycas revoluta
: Gnetum, Welwitschia, Ephedra
: Magnolia
: Zea mays

: Thank you very much.

: B. Malik
: banoo at

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