Information of plant Quillaja saponaria

mel turner mturner at
Wed Mar 20 15:53:55 EST 1996

In article <4ilcp2$783 at> btn at t nguyen ) writes:
>Anybody have information about the plant Quillaja saponaria? 
>What is its native and can it grow in California climate?
>Can I find any research paper related to this plant?
>Thank for the information about it.
>Binh Nguyen Ph.D.
>btn@ ix.

It's in the Rosaceae,  [a genus of 3 temperate S. American species according 
to Willis' Dictionary];  "Chilean soap tree"  [bark produces lather in water]. 
Hardy in coastal N Calif--  At least I've seen sizeable cultivated trees in 
the Bay Area.

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