Rice in a greenhouse or growth chamber

Aaron Reeves areeves at lamar.colostate.edu
Fri Mar 22 13:34:41 EST 1996

	   We are trying to grow rice (O. sativa- indica IR 36) under 
greenhouse conditions or in a growth chamber, and have met with little 
success so far.  Seedlings are growing in a soil/perlite (1:1) mix at 
about 32 degrees C with 24-hr illumination.  We placed pots (3-4" in 
diameter and about 4" high) in a hydroponic solution with a pH of 5.5, 
which we top off with water daily and replace weekly.  Pots are always 
in 1-2" of solution.  We've tried several different solution 
formulations, none of which has given good results.
     Our worst problem has been the onset of chlorosis in our seedlings, 
typically before they are 3 weeks old.  We suspect that this is an iron 
deficiency, but foliar feeding with a chelated iron solution has not 
    Does anyone know of a good protocol for growing rice in a 
greenhouse/growth chamber (temp, humidity, pH, lighting, nutrients)?  Is 
there anything apparently wrong with what we've done so far?  We'd 
appreciate any advise that anyone might have to offer.



Aaron Reeves
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Biology
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
areeves at lamar.colostate.edu

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