Seed Germination

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Mon Mar 25 16:59:48 EST 1996

In <4ir471$q1a at> Dr J S Pickering
<aw73 at> writes: 
>Does anyone know if there are any special germination requirements for

>the Australian 'Christmas tree' - Metrosideros excelsus, a member of
>Myrtaceae.  Information on its propagation from seed seems to be sadly

>lacking which suggests that either it is too easy to discuss or no one

>has succeeded!
>Many Thanks
>Jon Pickering
>Horicultural Scientist
>Royal Horticultural Society
I know someone who can address your question. He is a retired professor
emeritus in botany. Visit his home page:

Tell him Micro sent you. Micro, not to be mistaken as a microbe!

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