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In article <315123FB.41D at junction.net>, mharris at junction.net says...
>I am interested in planting alot of Rhubarb. My friend who owns a goat 
>farm thinks I should put lots of her goat manure mixed with straw in the 
>garden to make it ready. The soil does have a lot of clay. How can I grow 
>good healthy rhubarb?  Suggestions?

Here in Holland people claim that pig manure is the best fertilizer for 
rhubarb, mixed with an equal volume of straw, but that might be because we 
have a very big problem with pig manure here....

>And where can a person get the Strawberry Rhubarb variety? I've been 
>looking in backyards everywhere.
>                       Thanks Amberose.....PS does it grow from seed?

As far as I know it does grow from seed, but the plants will be 
(genetically) very variable and therefore cuttings are far better.
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