Rice in a greenhouse or growth chamber

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    Does anyone know of a good protocol for growing rice in a 
> greenhouse/growth chamber (temp, humidity, pH, lighting, nutrients)? 
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We routinely grow rice in a growth chamber under 30,000 lux, 16H light, 25°C:8H 
dark, 23°C cycle in the below medium and bottom feed with either Mikkelson's 
solution (1X) or a supplemented commercial formula (See Plant Mol Biol 
15:527-538. 1990.

The humidity should be around 70-80% and the temperature could be warmer
but this works for us - we use the growth chamber to acclimate transgenics
before transfer to the greenhouse.  We have, however, grown plants to
maturity under these conditions.

1. Prepare potting soil at least 12 hours in advance to allow thorough
Mix 5 parts shredded pasteurized peat moss with 7 parts coarse vermiculite and 
saturate with Mikkelson's nutrient solution .

2. Insert a 7" X 7" nylon mesh into the bottom of a one gallon pot and
fill with 
potting soil to within 4 mm of the rim.  

Materials For Plant Growth
1. Shredded pasteurized peat moss.
2. Coarse vermiculite.
3. One gallon plastic pots.
4. 12" x 2" round trays.
5. 1 X 2 mm mesh nylon screen.
6. Reverse osmosis purified or deionized water.
7. Mikkelson's nutrient solution.  See Table 1.

Table 1.  Mikkelson's nutrient solution.  
Make a separate stock solution of micronutrients and of each macronutrient.  
Dilute stock solutions to prepare final nutrient solution.        

Constituent, stock solution (grams/L), nutrient solution (mL stock sol'n/L)
KNO3, 101.1, 6.0
Ca(NO3)2.4H20, 236.2, 4.0
NH4H2PO4, 115.1, 2.0
MgSO4.7H2O, 246.5, 1.0
micronutrient stock sol'n, asee below, 1.0
iron chelate 330, bsee below, 0.2 g/L
aFor 1 L micronutrient stock solution, dissolve the following in 1 L water

KCl, 3.728 g, 
H3BO3, 1.546 g, 
MnSO4.H2O, 0.338 g, 
ZnSO4, 0.575 g, 
CuSO4.5 H2O, 0.125 g, 
H2MoO4 (85% MoO3), 0.081 g, 
bAdd iron chelate as a solid to the final nutrient solution.

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