Help: How does one relocate house plans CT->CO

Adam Jack ajack at
Tue Mar 26 12:04:33 EST 1996


I apologize if I am in the wrong group -- I realize this isn't
quite an issue of plant biology. However I could find no group
more appropriate.

I am seeking help in finding out how to relocate plants from Connecticut
to Colorado. I have interest in all issues, including plant care and
even altitude differences, but my main problem is the physical

The problem is that I can not drive them myself.

I am told that the mover may not take them. It it up to the discretion
of the driver. I find that hard to accept since I am so attached to
these plants that I don't want to take a risk with them.

I spoke to the Dept of Agriculture who said that there is a possibility
that a CT representative might be able to provide me with a 'certificate
of inspection' -- however I still have no guarantees. (The DOA said that
this was still a bit pointless since the only states to have border
inspections are Florida, Arizona and California -- none of which are to
be crossed.)

Does anybody know who I might achieve this goal? Are there specialized
plant relocating firms? 

Any thoughts welcome and much appreciated,


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