Rare and Endangered Plants

Richard J. Corelli, M.D. corelli at leland.stanford.edu
Sat Mar 30 11:33:42 EST 1996

Recently released by Monocot Press in Half Moon Bay: 'The Rare and 
Endangered Plants of San Mateo and Santa Clara County with Photographs 
and Illustrations' by Toni Corelli and Zoe Chandik in cooperation with 
the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. 
144 pages. 172 color photographs. 14 illustrations. $24.00 including tax 
and shipping and handling [within California].  For information on the 
book or to order a copy please e-mail:
corelli at coastside.net 
or FAX: 415-726-2594
For full color photographs of the front and back covers and more 
description about the contents of the book please see home page at

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