Charles Hoffman choffman at
Sun Mar 31 14:35:29 EST 1996

Perhaps you can find a library access to the bound volumes of
International Journal of Parapsychology.  You might start looking for
journal articles written by Bernard R. Grad, "A Telekinetic Effect on
Plant Growth",  (Il., vol 5, Spring, 1963, pp 117-133) and (Il., vol
6, Autumn, 19964, pp 473-498).  

o_irs at (Rob_Schouten) wrote:

>Hi reader,

>Hopefuly, somebody can help me to get information about communication with 
>plants and trees. Don't think I'm mad! I read a book about it (The language of 
>plants, Dagny Kerner and Imre Kerner, 1992) and I did some interesting 
>experiments. Who can help me?

>Rob Schouten
>Oranjestraat 39
>5126 BL Gilze
>The Netherlands

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