richa_cm at richa_cm at
Thu May 16 01:08:07 EST 1996

>   we have two Kiwi plants (A male and a female) and they are not
> producing any fruit.  The plants are growing well which would seem to
> indicate that they are happy.  Is there some trick as to get them to
> flower and them product fruit?  I have consulted several books on
> Kiwi’s and they are of no help.  Thanks!!!!!

    Your plants are probably not getting the correct cues to start fruiting.
Check, for instance, what is the temperature needed compared to what temprature 
they are in right now: most of the time the plants need to be 'cooled down' 
before they will start a fruiting cycle.  Also the amount of light, natural or 
grow light needs to be adjusted to fit a fruiting cycle.

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