Red. Vs. Green bell peppers

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Fri Nov 1 17:15:05 EST 1996

In <327552EA.5BCB at> Ari Huostila
<Ari.Huostila at> writes: 
>Does anyone know whether these peppers are two distinct types or if
>really from the same plant?  Someone I know claimed that if you take a
>pepper and just let it sit for long enough, it'll turn into a red
>pepper. I 
>don't think so.   Anyone know better?
Yes Ari, same plant. Also there are varieties that turn yellow. I must
say that I am discussing bell pepers. Hot peprs from Amazon are very
small, start green and mature very red. Habaneros, mexican pepers I
found only green. But chiles start green and then turn red. They are
very commonly seen drying in the fall on the desert southwest. :)
>- Ari Huostila

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