yellow jackets (not a friendly organism!)

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at
Fri Nov 1 17:05:40 EST 1996

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Kirkland) writes: 
>    Okay.  Enough debate on whether YJ are unfairly persecuted or if
>    are.  I am allergic (a life or death matter) to bee stings.  I am
>    paranoid around any stinging insect EXCEPT yellow jackets.
>    Here in the NW United States they are most aggressive during the
>    summer, early fall.  During that season I believe they are no
>    rational, free-thinking hornets.  They are angry, hungry, and hot.
>    During this season, they do not behave in a "if you don't bother
me, I
>    won't bother you" mode.  Instead, they will attack for no apparent
>    the human) reason.  I have been stung this way.

May I congratulate you? I am not alergic partly because I am a jungle
kid. That includes red-bugs, poison ivy and oak. One son is also
immune. The other insn't. But I don't like them attacking me on my own
ground. Most folks "burn them up" with gasoline. That's not OK. Gas
hurts the earth and plants. All it takes is a handfull of 10% Sevin
(carbaryl) at the entry of the nest. The rest is plain satisfaction of
a battle WON! Cheers.....Micro.

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