Yellow Jackets

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In response to the first posting on yellow jacket (a type of wasp that
nests on the ground) Grunden) writes: 

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>If the yellow-jackets could post, they might say something like;
>The human species is a particularly irritable creature, and one has
>to be alert to attempts on your life every time you try to share in
>the food supplies available in nature. So that makes them pests.
>If you retaliate against these attempts, there is a good possibility 
>that efforts will be made to exterminate the entire extended family, 
>chances are they will be successful, especially if you are allergic to

>synthetic pesticides.
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>The Spirit of Nature, a powerful force,
>	belongs and returns to its creative source.
>- Excerpted from The Collective Works of Johnny Pokerface -

Dear fellow biologist: If you wish to expound phylosophically, long
after man destroys him/her self, the bugs will prevail! But for now I
use all instruments available to me to do battle with an enemy. You
see, the whole idea behind a battle zone starts with our immune
systems. From there only the wise prevail. It is a race between chemist
and bug, the latter behaving exactly as predicted by natural selection.
The bug life-cycle is much shorter than ours, so we see these "mutants"
that become resistive to a chemical. Most MDs have learned by now that
"broad spectrum" drugs must be carefully administered otherwise the
"super-bug" pops out. But if you insist on "naturally occurring
chemicals" may I suggest pyrethrum, taken from a vine that grows in my
native land of Amazon, Brasil. Damn the torpedos, full ahead! :) Micro.

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