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>According Burdon and Shelbourne (1974) effect C is  "a maternal effect 
>common to all ramets of a clone, such as that produced by the nutrient 
>status, size, vigour or age of an ortet or mother tree". Are the maternal 
>effects, which are peculiar to individual propagules, such as those 
>produced by differences in cutting size and position on the ortet, not 

The effect of cutting size and position are included in the 'C
effect'.  Probably the classic work on this subject was done
by Bill Libby in the 60s, using Mimulus guttatus as a model.
If this paper is not cited in Burdon and Shelbourne, I'll dig
around for it.  Dunlap and Stettler have published something
recently on C effects in hybrid cottonwood.  A search should
turn it up.

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