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Sorry, could you explain what is 'C effect'? Thank you.

Fure-Chyi Chen

On 4 Nov 1996, 'Toby' H D Bradshaw wrote:

> In article <557v6d$6l5 at bee.uspnet.usp.br>,
> Lothar Schacht <lschacht at carpa.ciagri.usp.br> wrote:
> >According Burdon and Shelbourne (1974) effect C is  "a maternal effect 
> >common to all ramets of a clone, such as that produced by the nutrient 
> >status, size, vigour or age of an ortet or mother tree". Are the maternal 
> >effects, which are peculiar to individual propagules, such as those 
> >produced by differences in cutting size and position on the ortet, not 
> >included?
> The effect of cutting size and position are included in the 'C
> effect'.  Probably the classic work on this subject was done
> by Bill Libby in the 60s, using Mimulus guttatus as a model.
> If this paper is not cited in Burdon and Shelbourne, I'll dig
> around for it.  Dunlap and Stettler have published something
> recently on C effects in hybrid cottonwood.  A search should
> turn it up.
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