Pawlonia or Paulonia Tree?????????

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> Has anyone any information about a Japanese tree called Paulonia (or
> something like that)?  It is a very fast growing tree, its timber cannot
> be used for construction but can be used for other applications so I've
> been told. I would like ANY information anyone has please.

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Paulownia tomentosa was imported into UK from China in 1838.  
Michells Field Guide to Trees of Britain and Northern Europe also 
suggests that there are some other 10 species, also from China.  It 
also known as the Foxglove Tree and has blue flowers on its terminal 
panicle.  It is extremely fast growing and has enormous leaves, 35 cm 
long, which are tomentose, hence the name.  It is a member of the 

I collected some seed some four years ago from a garden plant in 
Hampshire.  The fruit contained extremely tiny seeds, but many 
germinated.  I now have a spreading tree in my garden some 15 foot 
high.  It hasn't yet flowered so that is a pleasure to come.  
Meanwhile it is always a talking point because of the large leaves.

It is frost sensitive, being hit hard if it has started shooting and 
then we get a late frost.  I don't however protect it because the 
tree is getting too big.  The whole tree grows so quickly that it is 
hard to imagine that the timber will be very durable.

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