All about marijuana

H. Hemphill h7777777 at
Thu Nov 7 17:04:25 EST 1996

> The only argument for legalising cannabis, in my opinion, is that
> commercial interests would then dictate that large sums of money be spent
> researching its
> pharmacological effects.  We would then learn what a truly dangerous drug
> this is.
> It is already believed to be a potent carcinogen - far more potent than
> Thorough research would no doubt demonstrate many other aspects of this
> drug deleterious to health.  I believe there would then be a backlash
> against its use and an end to the shallow propaganda cited.
> -- 
> Liz Kinsman
> Royal Holloway
> University of London
> e.kinsman at
Could you provide some proof from non biased sources about your fact that
Marijuana is carcinogenic or more carcinogenic than tobacco and what other
aspect are dangerous.  

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