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>>Approximately how long after "planting" should cassava
>>be harvested? Does cassava form a true tubor?
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>To all of you who read my first reply I apologize. You see cassava to
me is called macacheira in Brasil, and you are referring to the other
look alike tuber that is very poisonous before it undergoes a chemical
change brought about by heat. Manioc is used extensively in the North
to produce "farinha" a bread-like substitute in granular form. The
juice from squeezing the mash is boiled first and used as a base for a
local soup called tacaca. It is starchy and usually comes with some
salt dry shrimp and spices.

Macacheira is used as a potato and looks like the poisonous manioc
except the tuber is bigger. It can be steamed and eaten with butter or
made into pies as our US southern potato pie.

How do I know all this? I was born and raised in Belem, at the mouth of
the Amazon. :)Micro.


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