Aloe Vera Usage

Pierre le Roux arbor at
Fri Nov 8 14:27:27 EST 1996

"sung" <sung96 at> wrote:

>Can someone tell me if there are different types of aloe vera plants and if
>so what is the best type to grow for use as a topical for burns and other
>skin ailments?  Also, how do you actually use it (i.e. - break off older or
>younger stem and apply directly to skin).

As far as I know, the other Aloe species used extensively, is a native
of South Africa, Aloe ferox.  The leaves are also used to tap
aloin(?), used in various medicines.

For burns, the  leaveblade is peeled, to give a so-called fillet,
which can be applied directly, or pulped and used as  a pomade. If you
need more, info , contact me by email at the address given.

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