Fungi Overtaking Silver Maple Nurse Log

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at
Sun Nov 10 00:31:24 EST 1996

About six or seven years ago, we had a silver maple taken down.  I kept
one very long log - I had a v-shaped hunk taken out of the middle of the
log.  I planted it with hardy cactus and succulents. I kept one small
section as well, which has also been planted.  They made very attractive
planters - although I planted a moss rose too close.  Very recently,
within the last week or so, a fungi has overtaken both pieces of this
decomposing log.  With the exception of some slime mold on the bark, and a
few bracket like fungi - there have been few fungi in the last few years.
The fungi seems to be swallowing up my succulents. It is sort of light
brown and rounded.  I expect - the logs are in an advanced stage of
decompositon.  The weather has been warm and then cold with quite a bit of
rain - just recently turned to snow. It looks like I'm growing these
things for food, although I have no idea if they're edible or not.  Is
there any kind of fungi that grows on silver maple at this state of

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