Autoclavable/microvented transparent bags for plant tissue culture-samples

Lou Hsu UNICORNbag at
Sun Nov 10 11:00:49 EST 1996

This is to thank all who requested our bags after my initial posting. We 
have sent out all who requested samples. If for some reason you have not 
received your requested samples, by Nov 15th, please email again. Samples 
were sent out by priority mail both in the US and overseas. 

Please bear in mind that we have a large nyumber of sizes as well as 
filter characteristics, and if any of the samples are not the optimum for 
your application, please contact us by email or toll free fax 1-800 797 
2247 in the US and Canada.

We look forward to hearing from you all on your trials, and thanks again 
for your interest. All email to address below please.
Lou Hsu

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