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Mon Nov 11 08:32:56 EST 1996


A very-very rare year 1890 Goulds Medical Dictionary on CD using
Acrobat software with bookmarks, 500 pages.
Every page has been scanned  at 1200 dpi, then converted into the PDF
Acrobat file. Each page is the same as it was then now only digital
(picture). All the books on the CD has been re-crafted this way for
authenticity of the info and can be read straight from the CD.
Antique Botany, Trees, Garden, Seed Catalogue-more, 14 books!
Great for herbal/botany research, especially historical. All the
plants we found in this volume are still used today!
Plus over 1800 black and white clipart images. Over 2500 with the cut
and paste option of the books with the Acrobat Reader. 
The latest Acrobat reader can be downloaded at no charge from
Thankyou for your interest.
Margie's Rare Books and Plant Clip art on CD-R

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