zinc tolerance.

Mike Hardman mike at ionia.demon.co.uk
Mon Nov 11 17:12:21 EST 1996

You folks might like to take a look at Viola calamintha - which has a 
preference for growing on zinc-rich soils.  
This might be a good candidate for most-zinc-tolerant plant.

Unfortunately I have no specific literature to point you to
(though if/when you find some, please tell me what it is, thanks).

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G.J.O'Connor wrote:
> Hi,
>         Myself an some friends are currently working on a second year
> undergraduate plant growth project. Our experiment is to test tolerance
> levels to Zinc, in two familes (Gramineae & Leguminoseae). We have done
> much research and have found out everything there is to know about
> physiological uses of zinc, and ambient soil concentrations in typical
> environments. What we cannot find is an upper limit for our zinc
> concentrations. We have obviously limited resources, and plan to do 3
> zinc concentrations with a control, and 4 replicates of each.
>         Can anyone tell us if they know an upper limit for zinc
> concentration in the soil, that will kill almost all plant species.
> Thanks in advance.

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