Amphotericin B

Peter Febbroriello peter at
Mon Nov 11 18:49:12 EST 1996

Steve Wylie asked about Amphotericin B as an antimycotic
for plant tissue culture. I have used it with good results,
although some contaminants still manage to survive.
A reccommendation is to use 1mg/L
Sigma Chemical Co sells an Antibiotic, Antimycotic solution tested
for cell culture including plant culturing. Product #A3303 is sold
at 100x concentration and has 10,000 units Penicillin, 10 mg Streptomycin
25ug Amphotericin B per ml.
(Sigma: P.O. Box 14508
St Louis MO 63178

I am currently trying Nystatin and Benomyl as additional treatments.

I found that a gel media that containing sucrose can be used
with a layer of medium about 1/2 cm deep containing all the ingredients
of the medium plus antibiotics,but no sugars and no agar.
This limits the type of fungi that can inhabit the surface of
the growing medium, and extends the amount of time that
explants can sit in the growth medium before getting attacked.
This method seems to be of use with wild type explants from
the great outdoors, and show promise in experiments with hard-to-culture
woody plant material.--pf

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