Germinating Palm Tree Seeds?

-R.C.Jender rcj at
Tue Nov 12 10:17:01 EST 1996

	 While vacationing in Puerto Rico, I pick up a few of these
        palm tree "seeds" (if you call them seeds). I'm not sure
        what type of palm tree, only that the "seeds" are in clusters
        below the palm leaves at the top, and the seeds are shaped like
        those small chocolate eggs you can buy during Easter, only
        slightly larger (maybe an inch and a half in diameter). 
	They are initinally green, then they turn red before falling off. 
	Then the outside turns to the rough coconut type texture. I am in 
	Illinois and am wondering if I could grow these, and if so, what 
	I need to do to acclimate them to the indoor environment. Also, I'd 
	like to eventually transplant them to Arizona.  Thanks.

Raymond C. Jender
Lucent Technologies
   Bell Labs Innovations

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