increased CO2

brateaver at brateaver at
Mon Nov 11 21:13:08 EST 1996

That's right. One of the ways people have used to increase CO2 in
greenhouses is to have the oldfashioned items that burn and give off the
gas wanted. The increase was helpful.

Also in Germany, in cabbage fields, the gas was piped out to the fields. I
remember when a grad student, another grad student, correcting student
papers, asked me, rather doubtfully, if the student could be right in
giving this gas as a valuable source. I told her the student was right,
altho I had a sneaking suspicion the student was just guessing.

In fact, in Calif sometime in the past, somewhere in the southern section
of the state CO2 was piped out into the soil--I forget the details.

B. Rateaver

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