Kirk Nechamkin knechamk at
Wed Nov 13 20:51:07 EST 1996

	I have heard some awefully wierd rumors of studies done by
a man named Thomkins, who supposedly revealed that plants have innate 
abilities to 'read' human thought. The notion sounds crazy, but I have
been told of (supposed) experiements involving electronic resistence
gauges and electric garage doors, whereby a physical change in 
resistence (of the plant leave) set off by human thought patterns 
was enought to trip resistence sensors that triggered the garage door.

	I guess I'll never rest until I get to the bottom of this but,
before I investigate furthur, have any of you ever HEARD of this or 
anything like it? Do plants have the ability to respond to thoughts
of people? Why have I heard about this on numerous occasions?



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