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Wed Nov 13 19:53:48 EST 1996

One time buy-Great investment-Unusual gifts. 

We used to read the original pages, but no more. This digital way
from the CD-ROM reader is much-much better. The printouts are better

*A  Very unusual and very rare year 1839 botany/herbals By Catherine
Waterman. Also contains ancient poetry with each plant. They are all
bookmarked. Click on an icon and it takes you right to the page.

* How Plants Grow (Botany Book) By ASA Gray MD, year 1858 with over
500 illustrations that can be utilized using the cut and paste option
of the software. 241 pages.

* Lessons and Stories For Very Little Ones By Estes and Lauriat, Year
1881. Lots of illustrations, 48 pages. (children's book)

* A completely extinct U.S. Government Regulation Book on the
distribution of Opium and Coca leaves. Year 1927, 103 pages.

* The Farmers Garden By Herbert Collingwood Published by The Rural New
Yorker. Lots of illustrations and down to earth advice on gardening
that has slipped through our fingers from  times  simpler Saving
Seeds, Herbs, etc.. Year 1905. 128 pages.

* Home Nursing - Lots of illustrations and advice from simpler times
on how nursing was done from the home. Year 1902, 52 pages. 

* Grammar of Palmistry By Catherine St. Hill. Ton of illustrations on
how palmistry was done in the 1800's. Untouched by modern hands and a
real good book on the subject. Year 1889, 124 pages.

* How Parasites Are Transmitted By the US Dept. of Agriculture. Learn
how parasites are transmitted to humans and what they really look
like. Year 1905, 30 pages.

* Washington House Seed Catalogue for the Gardener. Interesting to see
a seed catalogue from yesteryear from Washington Iowa. Ton of
illustrations that can be utilized using the cut and paste option.
Year 1915, 34 pages. 

* Book of 12,000 Synonyms By Robert Bradbury Ph.D. The most accurate
and complete book of synonyms ever published from this time .Year
1886, 30 pages.
We printed ours, bound it in a Portfolio and use it all the time. Less
confusing and we can get right to the word or phrase we want with
ease. A pleasure to reach for.

* Book of Trees By Austin C. Apgar. Ton of  Botany illustrations and
inf. that can be utilized in desktop publishing apps. 224 pages, year

* Goulds Medical Dictionary By George Gould MD. We tried to document
every plant in this volume as hyperlinked bookmarks. It got so
massive, we had to give up. Over 500 pages, year 1890.

* Materia Medica By Sam Potter MD. About all kinds of historical
prescriptions. A bunch of plants that are described for medicine.
Excellent plant reference. Year 1894, 255 pages.

All these books have been scanned at 1200 dpi then converted into the
Adobe Acrobat file. This way they are AUTHENTIC and look and feel just
like they did then as each page is turned. Every page is actually a
digital picture of each page as opposed to the text. They can also be
printed and re-bound. You will be looking at a one of a kind re-print
of an antique book, and it doesn't have the fragile rag pages.
All books are complete (no pages missing).
Instead of a bunch of high priced books on the shelf, now one thin CD.
All we could get on a single CD-ROM from the sands of time and still
only $25.00 postpaid.
All the CD-ROM's are created on Verbatim recordable blanks with a
Hewlett Packard CD-R Writer in a single session and sent in our jewel
case. Both IBM compatibles and Mac's CD-ROM readers will read the

The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe's Web page. at no charge.

Included - Cultural images for the Botanist, Biologist, Herbalist,
Physicians, Agriculturist, Nutritionist, Desktop Publisher, Students,
Over 2500 images utilizing the directory of plates that have many
images on each sheet and the cut and paste option from the digital
1200 single images in the PLANT directory that are named as close as
possible to their name as the default file name. For instance, the
Safflower plant is named SAFFLWER.TIF. Each image opened will also
show the common name as well as the scientific name for easy
Serious inquiries please as we are working on another CD-ROM of doctor
books, Anatomy Clip Art, etc..


Margie's Rare Books and Plant Clip Art


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