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Eric Grunden egrunden at
Wed Nov 13 23:03:30 EST 1996

In a previous article, CraigSmith at (Craig Smith) says:

>Look up 'hydroponic' in some web search index and you'll find lots of 
>references and ads.  Better yet, go down to your library and get a book 
>on the subject.  It's rather easy to do under a double 40 watt florescent 
>fixture you already have or can buy at the home center for $10.  That and 
>a bag of perlite, any weak fertilizer and some seeds and you're in 


Just curious, what are you going to use perlite for in a
hydroponic system? Won't it just float away or sink?

In reference to the original question, I recommend
"The ABC's of NFT" by Cooper.

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