Student needs help

Craig Smith CraigSmith at
Thu Nov 14 21:41:14 EST 1996

I found that Perlite soaks up water pretty well and have grown plants in 
it on several occasions, though not on a large scale.  In fact I helped 
my niece grow a radish project for her science class and used it.  We 
used a large soda bottle (cut in half) inside another larger bottle (also 
cut in half.  One inside the other with the top of the larger one for a 
'greenhouse' cover.  Out of about 60 kids, she was one of only 2 who 
actually get radishes instead of radish root fibers.  I think she had a 
couple small holes in the bottom of the smaller bottle and poured the 
solution through the media once a day.  It ran into the larger bottle 
bottom and she poured it out when it was time to water again.

By the way,  I haven't heard from the fellow who posted the original 
request.  Did you see it.  What do YOU think.  What are your plans?

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