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John A. Keslick, Jr. treeman at pond.com
Sat Nov 16 07:43:34 EST 1996


I am not against Christmas, nor am I against Christmas Trees.  Likewise
I am not against Christmas Tree Growers growing trees for the sole
purpose of cutting at Christmas.  I am not against people who celebrate
Christmas in different ways.  Nevertheless, what makes me very
displeased is the continued cutting of trees for NEW SHOPPING MALLS and
I have met many families in the last year that agree that we need not
sacrifice children, for an artificial lawn by the addition of lawn care
chemicals.   How many environmentalists know that when they go buy a
Christmas Tree that at least 90% of the time they are buying a tree
laced with chemical pesticides (foliar of systemic)?  That is right,
Christmas tree growers(most of them)know nothing about tree anatomy. 
Yet when we buy one of these trees, we are supporting the nitrogen
fertilizer industry and the chemical pesticide industry.  Many people
will not allow chemical use on their property and then turn around and
bring a chemically treated tree into the household.  No research is
available to show what results when lighting changes the tree's
temperature and such.
Enough of that, do not believe because I said, call up and ask them for
yourself.  Explain to them that your children are sensitive to
pesticides and if you find some that are not treated, consider yourself
fortunate.  I have been studying tree anatomy and tree biology for many
years.  I know why some of the pest and fungus signs exist.  Change will
come about by money factors.  Lets save the water.  Be wise and buy
pesticide free trees this Christmas.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

John A. Keslick Jr.
West Chester, Paoli, Wallingford

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