coevolution of plants and their pollinators

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Sat Nov 16 21:19:25 EST 1996

Hi there.  

I'm hoping someone out there can help me.  I am writing a paper
on the coevolution of plants and their pollinators, and am using the three
well known and most cited examples: figs and fig wasps, yucca and yucca
moths, and globeflowers and globeflower flies.  However, I'm having
trouble finding much information on globeflowers and globeflower flies,
the latest research paper I've found was from 1989.  Does anyone know of
any recent research being done on the subject?  Also, I'm interested in
learning more about a genus of moth called _Greya_, and how they're
possible in the process of coevolving.  Again, I've only been able to 
find one paper on the subject, from 1992, and am looking for something
more recent.  I know this is a rather specific topic, but if you have any
ideas at all, please write to me and let me know.  thanks in advance,

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