Azobe ?

Henk Beentje H.Beentje at
Mon Nov 18 14:02:57 EST 1996

Marco_Bleeker wrote:
> Marco asked:
>   In garden centres in Holland, you can readily buy a type of wood
> called "Azobe". For fence posts etc. I have a strong suspicion that
> this is a tropical hardwood. Does anyone know the Latin or a common
> species name for the tree ?  And is it a rainforest tree ?

Azobe is *Lophira alata*, family Ochnaceae. The timber is said to be 
better than reinforced concrete for damp situations like wharf pilings,
dams and, I suppose, garden fences.
Over 100.000.000 kg are exported annually, of which 80% comes from
Cameroun and the rest from adjacent countries.
I've seen names like ironwood, or African Oak, but they all sound 
a bit made up. Maybe ekki is a proper local name.


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