coevolution of plants and their pollinators

Icarus lbg4 at
Mon Nov 18 21:59:56 EST 1996

On 18 Nov 1996, Una Smith wrote:

> Icarus <lbg4 at> wrote:
> >...I've only been able to find one paper on the subject, from 1992,
> >and am looking for something more recent.
> You need to check Science Citation Index.  Take your 1992 paper to 
> the reference desk at your science library and ask to be shown how
> to use Science Citation Index.  Columbia University will certainly
> have it, either in printed format or online.  It will take you only
> a few minutes' easy work to get a precise answer to your question.
> 	Una Smith
Hi there...  I guess I was unclear.  I did look through the index, and was
unable to find much at all and was wondering if anyone out there had any
new information.  But thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.


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