Amphotericin B

Henry Kuska FMFR33A at
Tue Nov 19 17:01:43 EST 1996

peter at (Peter Febbroriello) wrote:
>Steve Wylie asked about Amphotericin B as an antimycotic
>for plant tissue culture. I have used it with good results,
>although some contaminants still manage to survive.
>A reccommendation is to use 1mg/L
>Sigma Chemical Co sells an Antibiotic, Antimycotic solution tested
>for cell culture including plant culturing. Product #A3303 is sold
>at 100x concentration and has 10,000 units Penicillin, 10 mg 
>25ug Amphotericin B per ml.
>(Sigma: P.O. Box 14508
>St Louis MO 63178
>I am currently trying Nystatin and Benomyl as additional treatments.
>I found that a gel media that containing sucrose can be used
>with a layer of medium about 1/2 cm deep containing all the ingredients
>of the medium plus antibiotics,but no sugars and no agar.
>This limits the type of fungi that can inhabit the surface of
>the growing medium, and extends the amount of time that
>explants can sit in the growth medium before getting attacked.
>This method seems to be of use with wild type explants from
>the great outdoors, and show promise in experiments with hard-to-
>woody plant material.--pf

    Can Benomyl take the heat treatment or do you have to filter 

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