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>Azobe is *Lophira alata*, family Ochnaceae. The timber is said to be 
>better than reinforced concrete for damp situations like wharf pilings,
>dams and, I suppose, garden fences.
>Over 100.000.000 kg are exported annually, of which 80% comes from
>Cameroun and the rest from adjacent countries.
>I've seen names like ironwood, or African Oak, 

  Thanks Henk,
  Ironwood is a name I heared for Parrotia, family Hamamelidaceae (Persion
Ironwood to be exact). But I suppose any tree with hard wood might be given
this name. African Oak is the name for the type genus Ochna. O. serrulata can
sometimes be bought as a house plant, with yellow Buttercup-like flowers, and
beautiful black-and-red fruits, for which it is also called "Mickey Mouse

  But I am very glad with the Latin name for Azobe (perhaps Azobe is the common
name?), and the country of origin. Still I wonder, is the tree cultivated in
Cameroun, or are they destroying the forest for it?

  Thanks again, bye, Marco

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