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Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Tue Nov 19 10:14:33 EST 1996

In article <328C43F7.B1D at> predrag <predrag at> writes:
>I am looking for any information on plant tissue culture for use in commercial
>plant production i.e. books, equipment and chemical supply companies, workshop
>and training sources...
>I do not have any experience with tissue culture other than cloning.
>Any help is appreciated.

You need the book "Plants from Test Tubes" by Lydianne Kyte.  It explains
how to set up a small commercial micropropagation lab and gives details
for many economic plants.  There is a new edition being published this
month by Timber Press.  They have a web site, or you can get a bookstore
to order the book for you.

Beverly Erlebacher
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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