gingko nuts

David L. Robinson dlrobi02 at HOMER.LOUISVILLE.EDU
Tue Nov 19 23:11:04 EST 1996

Ginkgo nuts are edible.....but only in small quantities. Chinese folklore
(or so I am told) says that you can eat something like 10 or 20 of the
nuts, but thats it!! After that you will get very sick.

So I guess you better stick with the more conservative value of 10!!!!

Ginkgo nuts can be purchased at some Chinese Import groceries.

Dave Robinson
Biology Dept
Bellarmine College
Louisville, KY

On 14 Nov 1996, Carol Hanny wrote:

> Does anyone have any information or experience with ginkgo nuts.  I know 
> the "fruit" on the outside smells, already had experience with that.  I 
> found a bunch of them, but am hesistant.  Any information would be 
> appreciated.
> Post here or email me - channy at
> Thanks!

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