Micro pH electrode for very small samples

R. Klein service at lazarlab.com
Wed Nov 20 17:44:10 EST 1996

A micro combination pH electrode is now available which can measure 
samples as small as 20 microliters which is a fraction of a single drop 
of liquid. The electrode fits into 96 well plates, microcentrifuge tubes, 
serum cups, capillary tubes, and NMR tubes.  The probe is all solid state 
with a Teflon body making itvirtually unbreakable.  It has a 1mm tip and 
2 mm body and can be used with any standard pH meter.   For further 
details contact Lazar Research Labs. Inc.  at service at lazarlab.com or see 
the Lazar web site at http://www.lazarlab.com or fax 1-213-931-1434.

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